I've Worked Eight Hours This Day

Performed by Sandra Noble.
Recorded July 13, 2022 in Robin Hood's Bay, North Yorkshire, UK.
Telephone recording. One verse. Learned from her grandfather, Robert Watson (b. 1876).

"A song my grandad used to sing to us:

Patsy Dooligan he went to schooligan
He went to the barbers to get a penny decent shave
He had lovely whiskers on, galigan whiskers on
And bad that barber he did behave
He talked and he lathered and he jawed and he blathered
Till he got one side of Patsy's face so nice and clean
Then he went to the other side, the clock he spied
And he said 'Tomorrow I will finish your shave
For I've worked eight hours this day, and I think I've earned my pay
Keep your whiskers on 'til the morning John
'cos I won't work half a minute longer.'"

Broadside courtesy of Steve Gardham.


England, North Yorkshire, Robin Hood's Bay, telephone recording, United Kingdom