The Swap Song

Performed by Willard Gayheart.
Recorded April, 13 2022 in Woodlawn, Virginia (acquisition date: October 1, 2022).
Fragment. Learned as a youth. Mr. Gayheart is of Cordia, Kentucky (b. 1932).
Recorded by Alex Aiello on behalf of Derek Piotr.

Notes from Alex:

"I met pencil artist and musician Willard Gayheart in Woodlawn, Virginia at his picture frame shop.
He went through a book of his works and explained the context of the images.
He also sang for me a song he remembered from his youth in rural Kentucky called 'The Swap Song'.
Willard was born June 5th, 1932 in Cordia, Kentucky. He would have been 90 at the time of the recording.
He learnt that song from a school teacher but I'm not sure what her name was."


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donated recording, United States, Virginia