Lord Lovel

Performed by Roxana Robinson.
Recorded October 1, 2023 in North Cornwall, Connecticut.
Learned as a youth in Pine Mountain, Kentucky.
Cf. Child, no. 75.

"My mother was not a singer, though she loved to hear music sung.
It was my father who sang, and who played the piano, and who could play any song by ear,
just like his grandfather, Frank Dawson. When we left Pine Mountain we moved finally to Bucks County, Pa,
where my father was the head of Buckingham Friends School.
He had brought the songbook from Pine Mountain, and every Tuesday morning the whole school filed in to the classroom with the piano.
The songbooks were handed out and my father would play, and we would all sing these songs from the Kentucky mountains,
some of them beautiful and haunting, some comical and silly, some long and plaintive and mysterious.
I still know them. It was a gift to have Derek Piotr ask me to sing them once more."


Child ballad, Connecticut, United States