La fille qui voulait pas se rendre au rouè de Léon

Performed by Adam Paulukaitis.
Recorded October 4, 2023 in Lilburn, Georgia.
Telephone recording. Sung in Missouri French.

"'The Girl Who Wouldn't Give Herself to the King of León'
It likely has its origins in the medieval kingdom of León. I'm pretty sure it's based loosely on some real-life person, but that's not assured. This girl, a princess, was being forced to give herself to the King of León but it would mean changing her religion, and she preferred to die than leave the Church. She says her father is so cruel by making her marry against her will while she is trying to serve Jesus Christ (ostensibly in some convent or something). Her father and her brother go see her and try to get her to change her mind, she tells them she'd rather die, and then she gets executed."


Georgia, telephone recording, United States